RANSAC in Scala

A colleague of mine was going to give Scala a chance the other day, and tried to search for implementations of classic algorithms. He looked for RANSAC, and couldn’t find it… This blog seeks to rectify this situation!

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You need the Option class

Having studied a lot of Scala, and now moving back to C++, there are many things that you find in code “in the wild” that I used to find acceptable, but today I find a real eye sore. Many of those are things that experienced C++ programmers can easily agree to, such as avoiding functions […]

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I’m Nic, and this blog is my little “programming tricks” notebook. Whenever I see a cool piece of code I find interesting or useful I post it here, with theoretical remarks when appropriate. May post opinion pieces about technology too sometimes. — Nicolau Werneck <nwerneck@gmail.com>