Posting to wordpress from Emacs

I have a blog at, but I’ve been wanting to start a new blog for a lot of reasons. One of them is that I like to avoid using the browser, and it seems wordpress has more tools for posting than blogger… In special, the Emacs mode to write to blogs, weblogger, seems to have a better support for wordpress than for blogger. I was considering tumblr too, but it seems it’s not much directed to longer texts and deeper and pretentious considerations.

There is an Emacs mode for tumblr, by the way, and it was at that page that I learned about this package system for emacs. It downloads packages from a certain ELPA, the Emacs LISP package archive. So I ended up installing the weblogger.el through this thing.

It was not very clear to me in the configuration, running weblogger-setup-weblog, that the URL it asks for, the “endpoint” thing, is the one from my blog… So if you have a wordpress blog it should be

I also had an error about “caddr” not being defined. To fix that I had to put the line (require 'cl) at my .emacs file. And that was it! Here I am blogging from emacs, happy ever after. 🙂

The only problem I an having right now is that I can’t use HTML code yet. 😦

EDIT: Actually, I had many other problems such as having lost my first post… It’s hard to be happy, nothing works exactly as it should. That’s actually one of the main reasons we must put up blogs to complain and think about how things should be!


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