What is this xor thing anyway?

xor is one of the basic logical 2-argument operators. I have chosen to pick it up for the name of this blog for a number of reasons that I won’t tell right now. I am only writing this post today because it’s the first day of october, 0110!

0110 is the output of the xor operation for all its 4 possible inputs, in order. 0 xor 0 = 0, 0 xor 1 = 1, 1 xor 0 = 1, 1 xor 1 = 0. That’s why the blog URL is xor0110… It was going to be just 0110, but wordpress insisted that they wanted letters too. :/ And that’s why today is a commemorative day here at the xor blog!

Have fun!

OK Now go back to work. 😀


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